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Wayneisha and Derek

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Our Story

First Date? Yes, No, We are still debating... lol
Derek and Wayneisha first met in New Orleans in 2018. Derek approached Wayneisha while she was ordering a drink. They exchanged numbers and went on with their day. The next day, Derek asked Wayneisha to lunch. While at lunch, our waiter asked us our plans for the day. Derek said he was going to the Pelicans game. The waiter encouraged him to take me with him. Fortunately, Derek took the waiter’s advice, and the rest is history…

When you know, YOU KNOW!
I was at work one day and my day was just “off”. Nothing was going right, my spirit was heavy, and I was exhausted from working long hours. I texted Derek that I wasn’t feeling well because I didn’t want to go into details. He would not let it go until I said what I was feeling. This man stopped whatever he was doing to pray for me. OUT LOUD! He asked God to cover me and guide me to right decisions for the day. This unprovoked act allowed me to see who he truly was, and is, as a man. My MAN!

I knew Wayneisha was the one everyday I talked to her. We would be on the phone, and she could pass a stranger and it’d be like she had known them forever. She was loving with everyone she encountered, from her immediate family (which considered everyone immediate lol) to her friends and even my family. She always treats everyone as though they are the most special to her and if she says she’s going to do something, you can consider it done! She has an indescribable aura that I fell in love with, and I knew she was the one I wanted to build a life with.

Our Family:
Derek and Wayneisha have one child, Derek Jr. We absolutely adore him, and our main goal is to make sure he has everything to chase any dream his heart may desire. We do plan to add more to the Oriji Gang. Stay tuned 😊